Bond Girl by Erin Duffy

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a Wall Street employee? I must say that I am guilty of buying into the stereotype that Wall Street is full of employees in business suits who work twelve-hour days with no play. Well … Duffy’s debut novel, Bond Girl disputes this notion. The guys and small population of gals at Cromwell Pierce work hard and play hard, sometimes at each other’s expense. Hold on for the bumpy ride, which becomes Alex Garret’s life as she tries to make a name for herself as a bond girl on the “Street”.

Alex knew from a young age that she wanted to work on Wall Street like her father.  The transition to a male saturated field does not faze Alex in the least, as a young girl she favored playing catch with the boys over jumping rope with the girls.  After graduation Alex lands a job with Cromwell Pierce, a prestigious Wall Street brokerage firm.  When Alex arrives at work on her first day she finds out she does not have a desk and will be sitting in a folding chair until a desk becomes available, Alex quickly finds out that her dream job is not exactly how she pictured it.  Alex, better known as “Girlie,” spends her first several months at Cromwell Pierce looking over her co-workers shoulders from her folding chair, ordering lunch for the group and making Starbucks runs, not exactly what she pictured for her dream job. Alex works hard to build a stellar reputation and rolls with the punches and practical jokes of her wisecracking co-workers and intimidating boss.

Alex eventually gets a desk and earns the respect of her co-workers and boss and becomes the little sister of the group.  Although Alex has found her footing she still has many obstacles to overcome. The first time she makes a trade, she quotes the wrong terms and the company is out thousands of dollars.  As we follow Alex and her growth as “bond girl” she deals with an office romance, a harassing client and the shaky times of the 2008 financial crisis.

Duffy drew me into the world of Wall Street and completely altered my view of high powered brokerage firms and their employees.  I could not wait to find out what was next for Alex. Throughout the entire novel I was cheering for Alex and hoping she would not be broken down and falter like the other women who came before her.  This was an excellent read, I have my fingers crossed that Duffy will indulge us with a sequel.

Find and reserve this book in the catalog.


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