Lucia,Lucia by Adriana Trigiani

Adriana Trigiani’s novel Lucia,Lucia opens with Kit, a young and ambitious playwright, accepting an invitation from her elegant, elderly neighbor for a cup of tea. Kit expects a dull and boring afternoon with Lucia Sartori, what unfolds is the story of “the most beautiful woman in Greenwich Village”.

It’s 1952 and Lucia has her own dreams for the future. She is the very talented apprentice to a couture designer at the famous B. Altman’s department store. Walking into the store each day brings Lucia great joy.  She has an eye for beauty and is surrounded at work by beautiful clothing and objects. New York City presents Lucia with many possibilities for career, love, and excitement.

Lucia,Lucia is the classic story of young women of the time who had to choose between career opportunities and traditional family obligations. Unlike now, this was not an era when you could have it all.

Adriana Trigiani’s writing has so many strengths which I adore. Her marvelous descriptions allow the reader to genuinely feel the story unfold. The smells of spicy prosciutto, the tastes of tangy Chianti and sweet sesame cookies combine with the sensuous touch of the silky fabrics and luxurious furs of Lucia’s world.

Trigiani’s characters are complex, but very human and charming, resulting in the reader having great empathy for them. She brings tears to your eyes with tales of heartbreak and loss. Yet, you laugh and smile at the joys of a large, loud and loving Italian family.

I strongly recommend this book to readers who enjoy the Miss Julia series, the Big Stone Gap series or Julie and Romeo. Reading Lucia, Lucia guarantees a very pleasant afternoon, especially, if you include a cup of espresso and a slice of coconut cake.

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One Response to “Lucia,Lucia by Adriana Trigiani”

  1. Ash Says:

    Have you read Rules of Civility…it seems to resonate with the tone and setting which you’ve described here. And I’ve just finished reading this. What more do you need that a city like NYC – bright, charming and full of life. Thanks for the recommendation…I’ve added it to my TBR pile.

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