The Other Woman by Hank Phillippi Ryan

Jane Ryland can’t believe what has happened to her life. She’s just been fired from her beloved job as investigative reporter for Boston’s Channel 11. Her sin? She protected a source who alleged that local grocery magnate Arthur Vick had a fondness for fooling around. Vick sues for defamation, claiming Jane’s source is mistaken and demanding proof. The informant refuses to go public and Jane honors her promise not to reveal her source.  She must stand by helplessly as her employer loses a very expensive lawsuit.  Jane knows she did the right thing—so why doesn’t anybody agree with her?  She’s gone from being a semi-celebrity admired by the public and respected by colleagues to an out of work pariah with a nickname she despises—Wrong-Guy Ryland.

Jane manages to find a job as a newspaper reporter and is determined to prove to everyone she’s still got what it takes – and that Channel 11 was crazy to let her go.  She’s been assigned to track down and interview Moira Lassiter, wife of Owen Lassiter, a candidate in a hotly contested Massachusetts senate race.  Why has Mrs. Lassiter dropped out of sight?  Is she ill, or could it be that her husband is having an affair?  If he is, who’s the other woman? Jane Ryland thinks she knows the answer and sets out to find the proof that will result in a story big enough to derail a political campaign and restore her reputation.

THE OTHER WOMAN is a roller coaster of a thriller, with enough plot twists to keep anyone guessing.  Ryan does an impressive job of handling a large cast of characters and several plot lines, including one centered on the murders of several young women that may or may not be relevant to Jane’s investigation.  Romantic tension plays a part, with Jane’s attraction to Boston police officer, Jake Brogan, adding to the fun.

Jane Ryland is an appealing heroine.  She has a wry sense of humor and it’s impossible not to admire her doggedness when going after a story.  The Boston setting is rendered beautifully. As a one time resident I especially appreciated the scenes involving Boston drivers.

Hank Phillippi Ryan is a television reporter for an NBC affiliate in Boston and has won 27 Emmy Awards.  The Other Woman is the first in the Jane Ryland/Jake Brogan series.  She is also the author of the Charlotte McNally series, which begins with the Agatha Award winning Prime Time.  She will appear at several Wake County Libraries in September on a mystery panel hosted by Raven award winner Molly Weston. She will be joined by fellow mystery writers Deborah Coonts and Nancy Martin.

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