The Between by Tananarive Due

When Hilton James was a boy, he found his nana’s cold body on the kitchen floor, and a hysterical Hilton ran next door to get a neighbor. When they walked into the house, nana was standing at the stove humming. When Hilton asked nana what happened, she said she fainted. Nana was never quite the same after that day and Hilton was convinced that she had died on that kitchen floor. Months later at a family reunion, Hilton was swimming in the ocean and nearly drowned. While his Nana was trying to save him, the current swept her away and she was never seen again. Both of those days would be burned into Hilton’s memory and haunt him for the remainder of his life.

Thirty years later, Hilton James is married with a family and living in Miami, Hilton is a social worker and his wife Dede, is a Judge. The James’s live a quiet life, until Dede starts receiving threats. The threats against his family are racially motivated and Hilton is not taking them lightly, unlike his wife. Around the same time that the threats start, weird things start happening to Hilton. Hilton starts to see and experience things and he cannot recall if they actually happened or not. Every time Hilton closes his eyes he experiences frightening dreams, he gives up on sleeping altogether. On top of the dreams and strange occurrences, his wife is continuing to receive threats. The odd thing about his dreams and strange happenings is that they usually foretell something that is about to happen. Hilton attributes the strange thoughts and dreams to him cheating death as a youngster and thinks that his time has finally come. The combination of Hilton’s paranoia and lack of sleep start to have a negative effect on his personal life and work, his life is spiraling out of control. Is Hilton losing his mind or is it something much deeper?

I was anxious to see what would happen next with the James family. Tananarive  Due  captures your attention and you feel like you are Hilton’s shadow as he struggles for clarity each day. This was a great read but my favorite is The Good House, also by Due. In her usual fashion, Due works in a good bit of the eerie unexplained which keeps you on edge and eagerly awaiting the end result.

Find and reserve this book in the catalog.


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