The Secret Speech by Tom Rob Smith

The Great War is over, Russia has survived and the end of the Stalin Era has brought some changes… but not necessarily for the better. We met homicide detective, Leo Demidov in Smith’s book Child 44 where his perseverance enabled him to find the murderer of 44 children. The government has tried to persuade the public that crime is diminishing and anyone guilty of a crime is trying to destroy the state. The Khrushchev era has promised changes. But can they deliver?

Leo’s homicide unit operates below the KGB and even when he discovers criminals, he must pass the information up the bureaucratic ladder where no one knows the end result. The murder of a small time publisher, Suren Moskvin is Leo’s case and there are some clues that suggest to Leo that this case could be linked to a higher level in the Russian government.

Leo’s relationship with his family is mixed. He is close to and loves his wife, Raisa very much but he can’t get close to the older of his two adopted daughters, Zoya. Zoya was old enough when her parents were executed to realize that Leo played a role in their execution. He did try to save them but to no avail and Zoya may never forgive him.

Things are changing rapidly as Khrushchev tries to erase much of Stalin’s legacy. Leo has no idea whether this will put his family in danger. Leo has survived one era only to be thrown into the mix of the new era …, as it certainly is not assured of being better times for the citizens of the Soviet Union! Are those who now serve under Khrushchev capable of achieving redemption in this new era or will all who served Stalin be marked for punishment and death?

Those who love historical fiction will be mesmerized by author, Tom Rob Smith!

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