The October Killings by Wessel Ebersohn

A fascinating story of the post-Apartheid era.  Abigail Bukula, a lawyer in the new Government, is forced to face the past in the form of ex-soldier, Leon Lourens.

When a raid on her village caused the deaths of many residents, including her parents, Lourens risked his career to save Abigail, then only 15.  And now Lourens appears at her government office begging her for help.

It seems one by one, members of Lourens unit are being murdered on the anniversary of the raid on Maseru.  Bukula can’t turn down Louren’s request because she wouldn’t be alive some 20 years later if it wasn’t for his bravery on her behalf. The key to these murders may lie in the prison known as C-Max. All soldiers who renounced their allegiance to the old regime were given amnesty, but the leader of the unit refused to and now Marinus van Jaarsveld will spend the rest of his life in jail.

Abigail , somehow, has to get to visit him in prison and get answers that might stop the murders.  She is about to establish a strange relationship with the ex-prison psychologist, Yudel Gordon. Gordon had been dismissed because some of his techniques in working with prisoners were unorthodox. And yet now he has been rehired to perform some new tasks for the prison system. Gordon is Abigail’s only way into the prison system.

Can she discover anything that will prevent the next murder which will occur in five days…..the next anniversary of the raid at Maseru?? But one name keeps ‘popping’ up in Abigail memory…..Michael Bishop! Abigail is scared just thinking that Bishop is involved with these murders.

This story could ‘almost’ be called historical fiction because it touches much of what life was like in South Africa over the last quarter century.  And certainly Wessel Ebersohn holds your attention with his spellbinding murder mystery.

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