The Innocent by Taylor Stevens

Vanessa ‘Michael’ Munroe returns, in Taylor Steven’s second book, to face another impossible task.

Her friend Logan, who we met in The Informationist has a problem that he feels only ‘Michael’ can tackle. Many years ago , Logan escaped from a cult,  ‘The Haven’ which today has branches all over the world.  However this story is centered in Buenos Aires, where Logan has located his daughter, Hannah.  Logan is hoping that with Michael’s help they can free Hannah and bring her back into the real world.

Michael meets with several other ex-members of the cult, Gideon and Heidi who have accompanied Logan and hope to assist Michael. But readers of the Steven’s first book know that Michael works best when she works alone !!  The only other person who she at times will trust  is Miles Bradford, who we also met in Steven’s first book. When Miles hears of Logan’s venture, he joins the group to give aid and comfort to Michael, who is still fighting the demons of her childhood.

As Michael reconnoiters the area in Buenos Aires,  she starts to feel that Heidi and especially Gideon have a different agenda than just the rescue of Hannah! Michael has the distinct feeling that she must be extra vigilant to all who accompany her. The action will pick up as Michael and Miles identify three possible locations of Havens (secret locations for cult members). Now the actual rescue efforts begin with Michael hoping that Miles will be capable of watching her back.

When one reads of Taylor Steven’s own childhood, you can totally understand where her deep knowledge of cults derives from.  The pace of Ms. Steven’s novels will keep you reading well past midnight.  A book that you will find very difficult to put down until finished!
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One Response to “The Innocent by Taylor Stevens”

  1. Linda Bustillos Says:

    This sounds good, but I’d want to read the first book, The Informationist, before attempting this one 🙂



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