Hypothermia by Arnaldur Indridoison

As you might have guessed I’ve become a fan of Arnaldur Indridason’s Icelandic mysteries. This is the third one I’m reading and reviewing. His protagonist remains the same … the grumpy Inspector Erlendur and his main team of Elinborg and Sigurdur Oli. Still effecting Erlendur is his divorce of decades ago and the welfare of his 2 children, Sindri and Eva Lind. But still with the past and present continuing to effect his daily life, he will continue to solve crimes in the here and now.

This book deals with the mysterious suicide of Maria that leaves her best friend, Karen totally mystified. Karen cannot believe or understand why Maria has taken her own life. Maria’s husband,Baldvin knows his wife had been depressed since the recent death of her mother, Leonora, but no one believes that she was so depressed that she would commit suicide.

Karen brings to the attention of Erlendur a mysterious tape, that apparently was recorded when Maria attended a seance! Maria was never the same after Leonora’s death but it is still a mystery why she would take her own life. Maria is fascinated by the afterlife, believing that there is another world after we die; and she did seem to desperately want to contact her mother after she died.  Erlendur’s interest is piqued enough to start an ‘unofficial’ investigation of the circumstances surrounding this suicide.

Erlendur is also still haunted by the disappearance years before of a young man and a young woman. And although any investigation of their disappearances have been closed maybe because of his own personal histor, he continues to dig into the lives of these two people. But he, also,  won’t leave alone the mystery of Maria’s apparent suicide. It is painstaking work but little by little small pieces of information become available that may all fit together.

Indridason painstakingly reveals the little details that will  complete the mosaic and I must admit that I look forward to reading his next book”

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