Watchman by Ian Rankin

I discovered an earlier Ian Rankin book ‘Watchman’ that I had not read. His earlier works seem to have a touch of John LeCarre in them…not that that’s bad! ‘Watchman ‘ is a nuanced English mystery filled with ‘moles’ operating within the Intelligence community. In the eighties, when this was written, England was not only interested in international intrigue but also terror attacks by the IRA.

Miles Flint finds himself immersed in this mixed intrigue, when an Israeli is murdered on his watch…almost in front of his eyes. Miles had inserted himself in this case although he hadn’t been assigned to it. And suddenly the man he had been ‘watching’ somehow changed clothes while Miles was distracted and the Israeli is murdered soon after. Now Miles is under suspicion that somehow he is complicit in the murder and MI5 doesn’t know if the man murdered was a Mossad agent.

Although he realizes that he is being looked at more closely, Miles knows he has to look for the needle in the haystack and figure out how the murder was set up. Meanwhile his marriage to his wife,  Sheila is falling apart and Miles is living up to the bureau’s nickname for him…’the invisible man’. Somehow he must solve the mystery and resolve his personal problems. He has to find out who his true friends are within the agency and who is trying to get rid of him. There is also a newspaper reporter, Jim Stevens who has gotten ‘wind’ of the Israeli murder and the government’s attempt to bury the investigation.

This Rankin book is slightly different than his later books. It is written a slightly different pace but still a very satisfying read.

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