Buried Prey by John Sandford

In Buried Prey by John Sandford, Lucas Davenport has been haunted by an unsolved double murder occurring during his early years on the Minneapolis police force. Two young girls had been abducted and they had never been found. Evidence seemed to point to a homeless man, who was brought in for questioning and then released. When new evidence showed up and the police went to bring him back in, he attacked the police with a metal bar and was subsequently shot to death. Lucas was never convinced that the suspect was guilty.

It is now 25 years later and Lucas is married for the second time,  has a daughter from his first marriage and is married to a physician, Weather, and they have a young boy of their own. Suddenly the old case returns when a construction crew excavating a site for new construction uncovers a plastic bag under some old concrete and it contains the bodies of the two young girls. Lucas has since left the Minneapolis police force and now works for the state with the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension or BCA.

And now all the memories come rushing back and this case was his ‘baby’ and he is not going to let go. With his old partner, Del, they start to put back together the old evidence with the new discovery and they realize that the killer could still be alive and may have committed additional crimes. As they put the clues together they discover a victim who escaped and is not afraid to help them, Kelly Barker. But by telling her story , she is putting herself in danger… if the killer is still out there!

The first half of the book deals with the abduction of the two girls and Lucas’ early years on the force while the second half deals with the development of the case after the bodies are found. John Sandford is terrific in keeping you pinned to your favorite chair while reading his thriller!

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