Coming Soon: the Best Books of 2012

That’s right! We’re once again going to write about our favorite books that we read this year. We’ll start with our favorite New books that were published in 2012. Then, we’ll also tell you about our favorite “New to Us” books that we discovered for the first time this year. This will start on Monday December 3 and run for almost the whole month.

So, be sure to check back regularly throughout December for our favorite New and New to Us books from this past year! All of these blog entries will be tagged with “Best of 2012” so that if you miss any, you can easily view them all. And, if you missed last year’s picks here are the Best of 2011 (again, some New and some New to Us).

Thanks, and we hope you enjoy our Book-a-Day blog reviews. If you do, please consider subscribing to us in your RSS blog feed, or subscribing to get us delivered right to your email inbox everyday. And most importantly, please share us with your friends who also like to read about great books!



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