The Inquisitor by Mark Allen Smith

Geiger is a strange man with a special talent. The protagonist of Mark Allen Smith’s initial novel only goes by one name, Geiger. His special talent is that he is able to tell if a person is telling the truth. He is hired by alleged good guys and bad guys alike to extract information. Each customer is referred to as “the client”  and each victim is called “the Jones”. Geiger will use techniques that certainly would be defined as torture, but he doesn’t kill them. His rival in the information game is a man named Dalton who has no compunction if the victim ends up dead … as long as the necessary information has been obtained.

Geiger has no clear recollection of his youth or how he came to have this special talent. He is, however, working with a psychiatrist to see if he can unlock his past. Parts of his past come back to him in flashes after he suffers severe migraine headaches. He also has an assistant, Harry Boddicker, who brings “the Jones” to him. Now he is facing the biggest challenge of his career. The person to be interrogated has disappeared and he is asked to obtain information from the man’s 12-year-old son, Ezra.

Geiger has never harmed a child, and he is not going to start now! He carefully plans his escape, and though he is still interested in the information needed from the father, he plans to return the son to his mother. And now the game begins as Geiger must escape from the agents of “the client” ….. a man called Hall. Slowly Geiger comes to realize that this assignment feels like a government operation, and he must be able to stay one step ahead of Hall and his compatriots.

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