Best New Books of 2012: A Review

Librarians really do love sharing our favorite books with everyone! We get asked “What are you reading now?” or “Which books do you suggest?” pretty much every day. That’s why we’re so glad that we’re able to take this time at the end of the year to let you know about the best new books we’ve each read in 2012. Of course, it was quite tough for each of us to pick just five books to feature; once you get librarians started talking about books, it’s hard for us to stop.

Next, starting tomorrow, we’ll tell you about our favorite “New to Us” (older) books that we each discovered this year! But, until then, here’s a review of the books we’ve picked as the Best of 2012:

Again, check back starting tomorrow and through the end of the year to see which “new to us” (older) books we each picked as the best we discovered in 2012.



One Response to “Best New Books of 2012: A Review”

  1. karen Says:

    I really appreciate these suggestions. Thanks so much!

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