Don’t You Forget About Me by Jancee Dunn

Don't You Forget About MeAh, high school. Some remember it fondly, others with sheer horror. Jancee Dunn’s “Don’t You Forget About Me” is a delightful romp of a novel focusing on Lillian Curtis, who was the cat’s meow twenty years earlier at a suburban high school. Lillian is now 38 years old and life is going swimmingly – or so she thinks until her husband blindsides her and asks her for a divorce. She takes a leave of absence from her TV production career in Manhattan and heads back to New Jersey to lick her wounds. Back in her old room in her parent’s house, replete with the boy band posters still on the wall and old cassette tapes of songs taped off the radio ready to pop into her cassette player. Her mom is making her breakfast every day, and calling for her to get up in the morning. Cozy and comfortable… It just so happens that her twentieth reunion for Bethel High School is coming up, and she’s fixated on reconnecting with her high school ex Christian Somers, who she remembers as the pinnacle of male perfection. As she regresses (staying out late being naughty with old classmates who live in the area among other things,) she learns that the people she thought looked up to her in high school had a very different impression of her teenage self.

This could have been the most shallow premise and plot, but Dunn’s hilarious writing style and knack for creating characters with depth keep this novel from being a simple read. Looking back on her teen age years, Lillian is full of nostalgia since her own present life is messy. She meets ex-classmates whom she thought were friends – but who were terrified by her. She thinks Christian is going to be her salvation – and he turns out to be something she hadn’t considered. Lillian’s world is turned upside down, by going back in time. An excellent read, especially for anyone who is feeling nostalgic for the 1980’s.



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