The Litigators by John Grisham

The LitigatorsAs a John Grisham fan, I was surprised to hear criticism of his latest book. However, as I got deeper into the story, I am starting to understand. This story has a lot more humor in it than many of his previous books. …..and that is good not bad!

One can’t help but chuckle at the law firm of Finley & Figg. They are the epitome of the storefront, ambulance chasing, divorces and DUI small time lawyers. They have never been very successful and they are just about able to pay their bills each month. Besides the two of them, they have a ‘do everything’ secretary, Rochelle Gibson. Actually there is a cautious ‘detente’ amongst all the players until two things happen that may change the lives of all of them. First of all, Wally Figg finds out about what may become a major class action lawsuit over a drug call Krayoxx. The drug allegedly helps to lower cholesterol but may in fact being causing people to die from heart attacks. And the second event is the landing of one, David Zinc on their doorstep. Zinc has been a successful associate of a big downtown law firm, when he has a complete meltdown. He is sick and tired of the corporate life and decides to ‘dropout’. He spends a day at Abner’s bar getting wasted and when he decides to leave, he doesn’t know where to go…going home and explaining this to his wife doesn’t seem like the thing to do. When he finally gets into a taxi, he notices a billboard sign for the law firm of Finley & Figg and he tells the driver that that is his destination. And now all the elements of Grisham’s latest book are in play. How will the law firm of Finley & Figg and their new associate handle the growing class action suit against Varrick, the manufacturer of Krayoxx? How many victims can they sign up to represent and can they be successful? None of them has actually tried a case before a judge!
Please enjoy Grisham’s latest legal saga with a generous dose of humor.

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