Talking to the Dead by Harry Bingham

Fiona Griffiths is a new Detective Constable in the Cardiff police force. When a young mother and her daughter are found murdered in an abandoned house, it looks routine: the mother was a known prostitute and the building was frequented by drug users and pusher. There is one odd detail. The credit card of a millionaire who died in a plane crash 9 months ago was found at the crime scene.

Fiona cannot stop thinking about the little girl, even though she is not officially assigned to the case. She is supposed to be working on the paperwork for an upcoming trial against a former policeman accused of embezzlement. Fiona convinces her boss that she can work on both investigations, and eventually she finds that the two cases could be linked.

This new mystery from Harry Bingham drew me in right away. Fiona is an odd but appealing character with some interesting quirks, and the story is told from her point of view. She is a Cambridge graduate with a degree in philosophy who makes an unconventional career choice: to become a police officer. She also suffered a break down in her teen age years that she refuses to talk about. She is trying to live in what she calls “the normal world”, but still does things on her own and sometimes without the approval of her bosses. Her background and the reasons why she is so different are gradually revealed to us as the mystery unfolds. Despite her oddness, I was pulling for her from the beginning. I hope there will be more books featuring D. C. Fiona Griffiths! This book will appeal to fans of Mo Hayder and Denise Mina.

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