Not Dead Yet by Peter James

Senior Investigating Officer Roy Grace has a lot on his plate in Peter James’ latest thriller (the first is Dead Simple). He has a trial coming up where he has to help put away a criminal, an unknown body found in a tunnel under the river and a headless, armless, legless body found at a barn at a chicken farm.

But his life is going to get a whole lot more complicated. A movie star, Gaia Lafayette, born in Brighton, England, is coming back to her home town to film a movie about George IV and his mistress. There is a death threat hanging over Gaia and there has already been an attempt to murder her in California so the British police must go all out in protecting her.

On top of all this is the release from prison of a man, Amis Smallbone, who Grace thought he had sent away for life and who has promised to kill him if given the chance. Grace is in a loving relationship with Cleo Morey, a medical examiner within his department. They are expecting a baby, when Cleo’s car is vandalized and a threatening message left as a warning to Cleo and Grace.

One might say that James gives one a lot to consider and sometimes you may feel like you need a scorecard to keep track of all the players. But I can promise you–you won’t regret picking up Peter James’ newest book, Not Dead Yet.

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See earlier blog post of another Roy Grace mystery by Peter James, Dead Man’s Grip.


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