Murder in the Marais by Cara Black

“Is there a more romantic city than Paris?  It’s known as the city of lights and one of the most beautiful cities in the world, but PI Aimée Leduc sees a different side of the city when she unearths some deep dark truths of Paris’s past during World War II.  Aimée is a native Parisian.   She was raised by her late father, a cop, after they were both abandoned by her American mother.

When an old friend of her father’s comes asking for a favor, Aimée’s conscience and empty wallet cannot refuse. However, this case will be different from her normal assignments of background checks and corporate espionage.  Her father’s friend is a rabbi from the local synagogue, who needs Aimée to decrypt a photograph for one of his members.  One of the people in the photograph was alleged to have collaborated with the Nazis during World War II.

The assignment seems like an easy one until Aimée tries to deliver the photograph to Madame Stein only to find her dead.  There is evidence of a struggle, but is this just a robbery gone wrong or something more sinister? Aimée is determined to get to the truth of Madame Stein’s death, much to the frustration of police detective Inspecteur Morbier, her father’s old partner.  He strongly encourages Aimée to drop the case.  Instead, Aimée decides to go undercover in the Neo Nazi movement to see if she can connect them to Madame Stein’s death.  When Aimée almost gets killed she is not sure if it’s the Neo Nazis or Madame Stein’s killer, but she knows she needs to find out quickly before she’s the next one dead.

Murder in the Maris is author Cara Black’s first in the series. In subsequent novels, she works her way through ­Paris’s 20 arrondissements with each installment revealing secret byways of Paris known only to an insider.

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