Stay Close by Harlan Coben

Sometimes we think our past will stay buried, but too often our past and especially our past transgressions will come back to bite us. Ray Levine was once a top photographer and now uses his talent for cheap photography assignments. Megan Pierce once led a wild life as an exotic dancer named Cassie, but is now a suburban housewife with two kids.  Broome is still an Atlantic City detective brooding over an old case. That event from seventeen years ago connects the three of them. Ray and Megan have tried to bury the past but Broome has never totally let it go and now the events of the past are going to make their lives miserable in the here and now.

Ruth Green’s life has never been the same since her husband, Steward, disappeared years ago. And the strange circumstances of his disappearance have haunted Broome all these years. Although Broome is divorced from his ex-police partner, Erin, he still keeps in touch. Now a new disappearance, Carlton Flynn, has caused Broome to look at the cold case again. Erin’s research has discovered a link between these two cases and the disappearances of several men within a day of  Mardi Gras. There is one more interesting character to meet, Lorraine, the bartender at La Creme, the raunchy place where all their lives have crossed each other’s paths at one time or another.

Harlan Coben’s latest thriller is a bit darker than his previous writings but nontheless will keep you enthralled. You will meet the underside of the glamour of Atlantic City and you will meet additional players in this game of intrigue. One of the things you will have to decide is if any one of us is truly all good or all bad?

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