Operation Napoleon by Arnaldur Indridason

It doesn’t take one long to be drawn into Arnaldur Indridason’s fast-paced novels. This Icelandic author catches me every time in the first few pages. After that, it is a battle whether whether to keep reading or go do something that requires my attention.

Operation Napoleon begins at the end of World War II when a German Junkers aircraft crashes in the ice fields of Iceland. One survivor attempts to walk for help but he fails. The plane seems to have been carrying both German and American officers who may have been on a secret mission. The cargo is unknown but to a few of the passengers and Allied officers who planned the mission. The first attempt to reach the crash site is led by a Colonel Miller, but he fails to locate the plane.

Jump to 1999 and satellite surveillance has spotted the remains. A clandestine unit within the Secret Service begins an ‘”off the books'” operation to find the plane, secure it and dispose of it; however, Elias and Johan, who are out with a winter rescue team, see the plane and the soldiers digging it out. They are not allowed to escape, although Elias manages to get out a short message to his sister Kristin with the Icelandic Foreign Ministry. Now Kristin has to be stopped from revealing anything about what is going on in the ice fields and the special cargo on the plane. It becomes a race against time and danger as Kristin attempts to save her brother and find out the secret of the ice field.

Indridason is one of my favorites in the Scandinavian mystery sub-genre. Please enjoy this terrific author.

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