Doors Open by Ian Rankin

Willie Sutton, when asked why he robs banks, answered “because that’s where the money is.”  Our national museums can’t exhibit all the art they possess, so often some great art is stored in warehouses.  Maybe it would be interesting if some of that art was stolen, especially if it is not to be shown or appreciated!

Three friends decide to pull off a dangerous caper.  Mike Mackenzie, software titan, Allan Cruickshank, banker and Robert Gissing, an art professor come up with a bold plan… under the influence of a few  drinks.  Art shouldn’t be hidden away in private collections and businesses but should be available to the public in museums all the time. And since a lot of art is stored in warehouses maybe there are some extra pieces for each of them. This is the premise of Ian Rankin’s 2010 book Doors Open.

Gissing knows a student, Westie, at his college that may be an up and coming artist but is very adept at copying famous works.  And the conspiracy grows deeper. Mike realizes if Westie can copy several selected pieces they might be able to pull off a switch, replacing fakes for the real paintings.  The gang also decides that they need outside muscle to provide a van and assistants to spirit away the haul. Mike knows just the person to help them (for a percentage of the take) – Chib Calloway.  Chib is a local hoodlum who went to school and Mike suspects he would be interested in their scheme.

And now you are invited along for a slightly different type of Rankin adventure.  Add to the mix a local detective named Ransome, who just may get wind of the trio’s plans.  Rankin’s books are always well written and a wonderful read.

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