The Thieves of Legend by Richard Doetsch

Michael St Pierre and his at the moment ex-girl friend KC Ryan are forced into a life or death mission in Richard Doetsch’s latest fast paced thriller. Isaac Lucas, a US Army Colonel, will do anything to ensure they take this all but impossible mission – even blackmail.

The job takes Michael first to Macao and then to China to steal a box containing a book and papers that could change the balance of power in the world.  Michael takes his best friend Paul Busch (an ex-cop) with him to assist in this impossible task.   Michael has another possible ace up his sleeve..his mysterious friend, Simon, a priest.  All the while, Michael is being pressured by Lucas, who is desperate to get the box and the information it holds.  He claims if he doesn’t  get the box, it could mean the death of millions of people.  Lucas is not above threatening KC’s life to get what he wants.

When KC is heading back to London, she befriends an interesting woman, Annie.  Little does KC know the vital role Annie will play in her immediate future!  When KC’s plane is cancelled, Annie offers her a ride on her military jet, but Annie doesn’t know the destination is Granada and not London, and that her new friend is a compatriot of Lucas!

This fast paced thriller is nailing author Doetsch’s name amongst the top of today’s writers of international thrillers. Tom Clancy watch out!

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