Pegasus by Robin McKinley

You might pick up this book thinking it will be a nice story about winged horses, but you’ll be wrong. Robin McKinley takes the traditional mythological creature, the Pegasus, and turns it on its’ head. This is one of my current favorite fantasy books. Being a horse lover I did pick it up because of the title but, I am glad I did. The pegasi we meet are intelligent, beautiful, and powerful even if they cannot communicate fully with their human allies.

Our story begins when in a tradition which has existed for over a thousand years, the human princess Sylvi is bound with Ebon, a royal Pegasus, on her twelfth birthday. But this time something is very different. They are shocked to be able to speak telepathically to each other. As they explore their new relationship and the impact it will have on both their societies, they meet obstacles and threats which could tear them, and their people, apart.

McKinley is masterful at weaving a world of beauty and magic and her description of the pegasi language, art, and family is amazing. At times I felt I could soar with Sylvi and Ebon, and when I finally put the book down I almost felt a sense of loss of that freedom and grace. Reading Pegasus is like travelling to another world and I cannot wait to visit it again.

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