Naked Prey by John Sandford

Detective Lucas Davenport has moved to Minneapolis with his boss, Rose Marie Roux. He is happily married to his surgeon wife , Weather, and they have a son, Samuel. He now trouble shoots cases for the state……special crimes that need to be handled at the State level and not the local level. And now there is a new case that will not reflect well on Minnesota. A naked man and woman are found hanging from a tree.The man is African-American and the woman is white. To some this might appear to be a lynching but it turns out to be ‘just’ a gruesome murder.

Now Lucas and his buddy, Del need to connect the dots and see where they lead. They first must find the precocious Letty West. She discovered the bodies while setting her traps to catch muskrats. And she is one interesting 12-year-old. As the clues start to lead to a suspect, Lucas is suspicious that this has all been too easy. He has no idea at this junction of the intricate criminal activity going on in two small northern Minnesota communities. It doesn’t take much to reveal that it involves stolen cars and drugs from across the Canadian border. Just a hint : the depth of the activity will amaze you.

The pace is typical Sandford and once you are caught up in the story and the number of characters who have ‘money in the game’ you will not put this book down. Although Sandford has written ‘ stand alone ‘ books, the Prey series by the author is one of the most exciting on the literary scene today.

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