Healing Through Exercise by Jorg Blech

My husband says I would rather read about exercise than do it, but I retort that learning about the benefits of exercise is a good way to get motivated!

Jörg Blech really makes me want to get moving. He says that exercise not only prevents illness but can also help you heal and recover when you are ill. This is true with almost all of our modern ills, from diabetes, cancer and heart disease to back pain and depression. You start feeling the benefits at surprisingly low levels; even thirty minutes each day, 5-7 days per week, can really make a difference. For example, studies show that if people walked at a brisk pace 2.5 hours per week, then one-third of all heart attacks could be avoided.

As a European science correspondent and the author of five best-selling books, Blech brings us evidence from medical journals around the world. His prose is clear and easy to understand; he boils down the scientific jargon into specific descriptions and guidelines we can use right away.

A particularly enlightening chapter is the one called “The Dangers of Going to Bed.” The common medical prescription of “bed rest” is being called into question more and more. Even after a single night’s sleep, our muscles begin to atrophy, which is why we instinctively stretch when we get out of bed in the morning. Unlike bears and other animals which have built-in mechanisms for hibernating, human beings were made to keep on the move. Even vigorous house work or moving around at your job is good for your body.

So, let’s get going! You can come back to your book after your energetic half-hour, and enjoy it all the more for the rest you’ve earned.

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