The Weight of Silence by Heather Gudenkauf

You never know what goes on behind closed doors, what family dynamics exist that push people to do what they do. In this small town where everyone knows everyone, two families awake to find their little girls missing, seven-year-old Calli Clark who has not uttered a word since she was a toddler and her best friend Petra. Gone since early morning, the only clues are their small foot prints and what appears to be drag marks. Calli’s mother struggles with the knowledge that it appears she might have been taken into the woods by her father, Griff, a pipeline worker who is gone most of the time and who can be abusive especially when he drinks. Griff is supposedly out fishing with a buddy but when nobody can find him, he becomes the prime suspect.  Neighbors are set against neighbors, bringing divisive issues that were thought to be put to rest, to the forefront. Calli’s mother is forced to deal with her relationship with Griff once again as they search for their daughter.

Put aside some time to read this book because you will want to read it from cover to cover to find out what happens to the girls, who took them and why Calli refuses to speak.  The action cuts back and forth between their odyssey through the woods and the town’s search for them.  Gudenkauf does a good job of keeping secrets right up to the last chapter.    You’ll never guess the ending!

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