A Wanted Man by Lee Child

For a change… Jack Reacher is hitchhiking cross country trying to get to Virginia. Why Virginia?  He’s not saying. He is also sporting a broken nose. It takes awhile, but near midnight he is picked up by sedan carrying two men and a woman. Happy to accept the ride, Jack makes idle chatter as they head East. They pass through several police roadblocks and Reacher is curious as to who the police are looking for. He is asked to do some of the driving and as he does, he starts to have a feeling that something is very wrong with the passengers of this sedan.
The two men, Don McQueen and Alan King seem like they are a duo, but the woman, Karen Delfuenso is quiet , looks very scared. As the two men catch some sleep, Reacher realizes that Delfuenso is trying to tell him something by blinking with her eyes in some sort of Morse Code. Suddenly as Jack puts it together, Karen has been kidnapped and Reacher has been given a lift because now as they pass the police roadblocks, there are 4 passengers in the car , not just two men, who the authorities may be looking for.

After they pass several of the roadblocks, Reacher starts to realize that the men no longer need neither Karen or himself. He is sent into a gas station to get some coffee and it is here that McQueen makes his move and tries to shoot Reacher. He misses and then takes off, and Reacher is left to ponder his next move. He contacts the FBI and will soon meet agent Julia Sorenson. Sorenson realizes that if it is true that Reacher was just an innocent hitchhiker, she may be able to use him to catch up to their quarry.

Fans of Lee Child may have thought that maybe he was losing some of his ‘mojo’ but have no fear , he is back with a vengeance ! As with most Lee Child’s Jack Reacher novels, the pace is such that the book might be a one day read. For the first time , Reacher may be working with two female protagonists , as the three of them may be fighting to stop a terrorist plot.

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