And Only to Deceive by Tasha Alexander

If there is one thing I love, it is taking a trip in a time machine (or a book) to a historical setting. Tasha Alexander’s novel And Only to Deceive does just that, by plopping readers down in Victorian England. But just because it is in the Victorian Age does not mean that it doesn’t portray exceedingly charming characters dealing with any sort of issues we might deal with on a day-to-day basis.

Such as intrigue, mystery, and suspense. Well, at least that is what Emily has to deal with daily since her husband died. She also has an overbearing mother obsessed with marrying her off, whom Emily had married her husband, Philip, to get away from.

Only months after they were married, her husband left on a hunting trip to Africa where he subsequently died. Emily comes to learn about her husband, whom she never got a chance to get to know while he was alive, through the private journals and letters he left behind. And that is where the intrigue starts.  She begins to question whether she, or Philip’s friends, really knew him at all. What was his involvement with antiquities and his obsessive collecting of all things Greek?

Although it was a slower-moving book, I felt it was light enough for a summer read. There is something in And Only to Deceive for everyone. A little mystery, a dash of romance, a hint of well-researched historical fiction, and a hair of amateur detective work. And a rainy summer day sets the perfect scene for the London weather portrayed in the book.   If you like this book, you will like Crocodile On the Sandbank by Elizabeth Peters

Find and reserve his book in the library.


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