The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson

I first met Erik Larson when I read ” In The Garden of Beasts “”.   It was the brilliant story of Germany between the Great Wars and the American family that lived there during the thirties. I was able to feel I was there with Ambassador William Dodd and his family as they slowly grasped what Hitler was doing and how it would affect the whole world in just a few years.

Now I am traveling back to 1893 and the Chicago World’s Fair to meet two polar opposite figures… the brilliant architect of the Fair, Daniel Burnham and the other, our first recognized serial killer, Herman Webster Mudgett aka H.H Holmes.  Although they never met, their stories will cross over in the telling of this tale.

The construction of the fair, if it hopes to top what Paris’ Exposition has just done, will require the cooperation of a lot of people.  It will need the brain power of some of the best architects that the US has produced….and that’s a lot of egos to deal with!  Meanwhile our serial killer is operating under the ‘radar’ as the people responsible for the Fair try to accomplish their mission in just 27 months!

You will be overwhelmed by the details and research that went into the writing this book.  Larson may well have spent years in accumulating what is truly an amazing story. And remember you will be getting two stories for the price of one.  An unbelievable tale of an unbelievable period in the history of Chicago and the United States.

Find and reserve this book in the library.

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One Response to “The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson”

  1. Rysa Walker Says:

    This is truly an incredible book. Larson displays tremendous skill in blending two disparate tales so seamlessly, and this is a story that readers will remember long after the final pages.

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