Waking Up in Dixie by Haywood Smith

Waking Up in Dixie, by Haywood Smith, is a fun and insightful read. Smith is the author of many novels, all enjoyable, but Waking Up in Dixie is possibly the best. This novel blends humor with sadness and is thought provoking while still being a light read.

Elizabeth Mooney is determined to break free from her life of poverty and her drunken father. To accomplish this, she sets her sights on Howe Whittington, who happens to be Whittington, Georgia’s namesake. The Whittington family is rich and refined but there is more to them than Elizabeth bargained for. Elizabeth marries Howe and enters a life of misery. Her marriage is anything but loving and Howe constantly cheats on her.

One day, Howe has a stroke while in church. The unfolding events after Howe’s stroke turn everyone’s lives upside down. Now, Elizabeth must contend with a husband who has no filters and must tell the truth about all his transgressions. Howe doesn’t stop there though. He also has the urge to tell everyone else how to live a proper life and in doing so, reveals their personal business. To the shock of Howe’s family, Howe has also developed the uncontrollable urge to curse. The stroke has yet another consequence: Howe is now fully aware of all the pain he caused and sets forth on a path of repentance and wants to repair his relationship with Elizabeth. This turn of events forces Elizabeth to make decisions that will affect her family and deal with emotions she has tried to bury.

Waking Up in Dixie is a funny novel without losing its tone of regret and promise of hope. It is a great novel for anyone who has ever had to ponder matters of the heart and for those who have made mistakes and tried to make amends.

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