Storm Prey by John Sandford

Storm PreyWeather Karkinnen, Lucas Davenport’s wife and  a surgeon is headed for her hospital to assist in the tricky operation of separating twins attached at the base of the skull. At the same time a gang of thieves, with inside help, is about to break into the pharmacy of Weather’s hospital. As she goes in, she notices a couple of men running away from the hospital. Little does she realize that she has had a glimpse of the robbers. And little does she know that one of the pharmacists was so badly injured that he dies later that morning. And so starts John Sandford’s  Storm Prey.

The robbers (with inside help) realize that they may have had a witness to their robbery and that the witness has to be eliminated. Because Weather has been so engrossed with the surgery it takes her some time to realize that she could be in danger. Two things occur almost at the same time: she alerts Lucas who realizes she is in grave danger, and an attempt is made on her life by a killer on a motorcycle. Weather spots the motorcycle and even aggressively goes after the man, but he eludes her. Now it is up to Lucas and his pals at the BCA to get the robbers and the killer before another attack is made on his wife.

The bodies are piling up but Weather is still in danger. I don’t think there is anyone better at getting your heart racing and your mind engaged than John Sandford.

[Editor’s Note: this is #20 in John Sandford’s ‘Prey’ series, the first is Rules of Prey.]

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