Broken Harbor by Tana French

Broken HarborI’m a little bit obsessed with Tana French and her Dublin Murder Squad  series.  And by a little I mean a lottle. Enough that I just made up  that word.

Here’s what I love: French started with a really  solid mystery, In the Woods, which told the story of Rob Ryan and his  investigation into a murder that was eerily similar to an event that had occurred during his own childhood. French’s next in the series, The Likeness, drops Rob and picks up with an investigation that his partner, Cassie Maddox, becomes intimately involved in. French continues to wend farther and farther from her original story, so that, while they all tie together, each could be read as a standalone novel, or in any order.

This holds true with her fourth in the series, Broken Harbor.  Scorcher Kennedy (first seen in book #3, Faithful Place), along with his rookie partner, Richie, are summoned to the small town of Brianstown to investigate the attempted murder of an entire family in their home. With the wife left in critical condition, the husband and two young children dead, strange holes in the walls, and video monitors set up throughout the home, Scorcher’s investigation is anything but a closed case.

Interwoven into the narrative of the investigation are reflections on Scorcher’s own family and his childhood summers spent at
the ocean town of Broken Harbor, since renamed Brianstown, and the event there that changed his and his sister’s lives forever.

French weaves a book together that is part police procedural, part psychological thriller, and all fast-paced, page turning oodness. Read this one, read them all. I’m waiting on the edge of my seat for a 5th in the series.

Find and reserve this book in the catalog.


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