One Came Home by Amy Timberlake

One Came HomeIn 1871, Placid, Wisconsin is an untamed place. People mostly live off the land and trade with pioneers passing through. Passenger pigeons fly overhead in flocks so large they blot out the sky, followed by hunters eager to make their fortune from pigeon meat and feathers. Cougars prowl the roads. Counterfeiters hide in caves, far from the eyes of the law. And 13-year-old Georgie’s sister Agatha has left town without a farewell to anyone, following the pigeon hunters. When the sheriff finds a body that is decomposed beyond recognition, but wearing Agatha’s dress, her mother and grandfather fear the worst. But Georgie refuses to accept that her beloved sister could be gone. She sets out on her own to find out what really happened to Agatha – and finds more danger and surprises than she bargained for along the way.

One Came Home by Amy Timberlake successfully blends a lot of elements – a well-paced mystery that keeps readers guessing, a Wild West adventure, a coming of age story and an ode to the natural world. The latter is what really set this book apart from other adventure stories: the natural world is described with vivid language and interesting details. The sheer number of pigeons described in the flock over Placid seems unbelievable and exaggerated, but the author’s notes confirm that it is accurate. Georgie is also a great and relatable character. She’s practical and tough but also emotional and a risk taker. The reader can’t help but cheer her on all the way to the book’s satisfying conclusion!

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