Breaking Silence by Linda Castillo

Breaking SilenceKate Burkholder is the police chief in a small Ohio town when she gets an emergency call one winter evening. Three members of an Amish family are dead in a barn. It is the father, mother and the father’s brother who have perished in a poorly ventilated cesspit in the barn. Now it is Kate’s responsibility to investigate the accident and inform the family’s four children that their parents are dead.

For Kate, this is going to be especially difficult because she was once Amish and she understands that community. When the medical examiner examines the bodies he discovers that it may not be an accident. Added to her agenda may be something that is tied into the murders. There have been multiple incidents of members of the Amish community being harassed and even beaten up. Because the Amish just want to be left alone, it is going to be very difficult for Kate to get any cooperation from them. But because the incidents against the Amish can be considered ‘hate crimes,’ the state sends an investigator to assist Kate: John Tomasetti. Tomasetti and Kate have worked together before, both in a professional and in a private collaboration.

I am very pleased to find a new mystery author who writes a solid narrative. I also was pleased that I learned much about the Amish. Please give a look at Linda Castillo and Breaking Silence.

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