Steve Jobs : A Biography By Walter Isaacson

bookcover.phpWalter Isaacson writes clear, precise, readable biographies and this is no exception. He presents Steve Jobs warts and all, as Jobs requested him to do. Jobs and Isaacson had been acquainted for some years when Jobs approached him about writing his biography. Isaacson interviewed a wide array of people for this book—family, friends, business associates, board members, former employees and of course, Bill Gates, Jobs’s nemesis.

You may not like Steve Jobs as a human being when you finish, but you will understand how his genius and perfectionism turned Apple into a behemoth and the company at the forefront of the computer, digital music, and the digital world in general. Steve Jobs knew how to create products that people did yet not know they wanted and to tie in products to each other such as ITunes driving sales of the IPod, applications driving the sale of IPhones, etc.. Jobs also used his gifts to make Pixar the successful company that it is.

Isaacson covers all the significant business ventures of Jobs’s career and the scorched earth policies he followed in business and personal relationships.

I found this to be a fascinating examination of a brilliant, yet flawed man. Jobs’s relationships with his family, girlfriends, children, wife and others reveal a narcissistic personality that had little empathy for most others. His relationship with his adoptive parents, his biological sister and his choice to refuse to connect with his biological father and the effects of these people and events on his personality reveal a great deal about the man.

Jobs remained a visionary to the very end of his life, his last project the design of the building that would permanently house Apple.

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