Things That Matter by Nate Berkus

bookcover.phpBooks on decorating are like great dinners-the photographs are the gourmet first course and the text a mere appetizer. But I was forewarned by designer and TV show host, Tommy Smythe, that this was not the case with Nate Berkus‘s new book, The Things That Matter. Be sure to read the text – it’s insightful and heart-felt and speaks to this guy’s genuine passion for “The Home.” First time through, I looked at the pictures by photographer Roger Davies, whose work has taken him around the world and inside some of the most amazing interiors imaginable, and found them charming and full of detail. The second time, I focused on the last chapter about the author-Nate Berkus. Nate has long been a successful interior designer in Chicago but he came to fame through the Oprah Winfrey Show where he decorated and offered design advice to Oprah and her viewers. His personal style is eclectic, chic, and definitely high end but his story is what captivates me. Encouraged by his family to follow his talents, Nate Berkus is a popular brand found around the US and now entering Target Stores. Each chapter showcases a person Nate feels is unique because they have made a ‘home’ that reflects their personality and the things they love. The reader’s third reading might be like mine, standing in my living room and acknowledging these possessions describe what makes me ‘Ann’.

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One Response to “Things That Matter by Nate Berkus”

  1. MC Says:

    I loved this book not just because of the home decor but his personal touch and stories.
    I reviewed it as well:

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