Time Flies by Claire Cook

The dog days of summer are here, and if you are looking for a delightful beach or pool read that won’t melt the brain, a read similar to those from chick lit author Mary Kay Andrews, look no further. Claire Cook’s Time Flies will not disappoint!

New England small town native Melanie is persuaded by her semi-narcissistic husband Kurt to make the move to Atlanta, and years later in midlife Kurt decides to trade her in for a younger model – named Chrissy of all names, to add insult to injury. At the same time life is imploding, her high school reunion looms. Feeling like a life failure, no way in Hades is she going to attend. But, her skills as a metal artist help her get out some aggression, and after blow torching her marital bed she is a bit more positive. While flirting online with an old high school boyfriend, she decides to accompany her best friend BJ on a reunion weekend to remember. That is, if she can get over her phobia of driving and highways…

Melanie is a neurotic you’ll love, and want to cheer on as she makes her way post-marriage in the single world. The dialogue is snappy, and reads at times like a screen play. Not surprising, as Cook’s first novel was Must Love Dogs, which was made into a blockbuster movie. The characters’ antics are at times laugh aloud funny, and other times poignant. Many women will be able to relate to Melanie’s midlife coming of age. What keeps this novel from being one dimensional is Melanie’s revisiting of her first coming of age, via the high school reunion story line. Enjoyable summer chick lit!

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One Response to “Time Flies by Claire Cook”

  1. Vera Joyce Says:

    Claire is destined to be interviewed by Elaine Charles tomorrow on the Book report radio show, and if anything, after having read a few reviews of this book, I want to know why so much importance is being attached to the torching of the marital bed. The symbolism there is clear, but it stands out as one very violent moment in an otherwise abrasive-free book.

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