The Jackal’s Share by Chris Morgan Jones

London-based intelligence researcher Benedict Webster is still trying to recover mentally from the events of The Silent Oligarch, when the company he works for, Ikertu, is approached by Iranian exile Darius Qazai.

Qazai is the most successful Iranian businessman in the world, and owner of an asset-management empire–part of which he now wants to sell. However, recently a potential buyer walked away from a deal, and the reason remains unknown. The Iranian wants to find out what is tarnishing his reputation, and he turns to Ikertu to have the company investigate the matter and clear his name. Or phrased differently: Qazai wants Ikertu to investigate Qazai. “He’s buying a little chunk of the brand,” the founder of Ikertu, Ike Hammer, says: “I want to make sure he deserves it.”

And so he gives the job to Webster. Webster is not impressed by Qazai and he is equally suspicious of Qazai and his line of business. With “no strong grounds but great conviction,” Webster senses that Qazai somehow is not right.

He begins the investigation and contacts an old friend, former banker Fletcher Constance, who operates in Dubai. The information unearthed by Fletcher seems to confirm Webster’s suspicions and he flies to Dubai to learn more. The investigation takes Webster from Dubai to Italy and Morocco, and the more time he spends on the case, the more dangerous the situation becomes, and the spider in the cobweb he is exposing is an exceptionally lethal one.

For eleven years, author Chris Morgan Jones worked “at the world’s largest business intelligence agency,” and he fills his fiction with little action, but detailed menace. It is an old truth: Those who serve Babylon are consumed by Babylon. But the appetite of this beast is so ferocious that it may also consume anyone who is anywhere near its servants.

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