Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs

Jacob and his grandfather have always been close. As a child, Jacob was riveted by his grandfather’s tales of how he was raised. Abe Portman was a child of the Holocaust, and fled Poland, parentless, to wind up at Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children.

What exactly is a peculiar child? Well, they’re all different at Miss Peregrine’s. Like a feeder school for the circus, Miss Peregrine’s hosts among its ranks a girl who can control fire, an invisible boy, and a little girl who would float away if she weren’t tethered to the ground by heavy shoes. Jacob has grown up seeing pictures of these strange children and vacillates between an unquestioning belief of everything he is told to humoring his grandfather in his old age.

When Abe dies a sudden and violent death with his grandson minutes too late to save him, Jacob begins to realize that there might be more to his grandfather’s tales than meets the eye. With the assistance of his psychiatrist (who his parents force him to see after Abe’s death), Jacob manages to convince his father to take him to the Welsh island that housed the orphanage to find closure there.

Rather than closure, Jacob discovers Miss Peregrine’s Home, and the peculiar friends that his grandfather had made some 70 years before! Using vintage photographs that he collected, author Ransom Riggs brings the peculiar children to life and tells Jacob’s story as he jumps between the children’s world in the 1940s and present day.

I’ll definitely be waiting for the sequel, Hollow City, to come out in early 2014!

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