Big Hair and Flying Cows by Delores J. Wilson

Have you ever had the kind of day where you wondered what else could possibly go wrong? Well, take a moment and be grateful you are not Bertie Byrd. Unless you like nonstop craziness in your life. If you do, but can’t happen to find it, Dolores J. Wilson gives you the chance to vicariously experience it through heroine Bertie Byrd.

Big Hair and Flying Cows has a basic storyline. It is centered around Bertie and her life as a single woman in her thirties. Bertie helps with her dad’s towing service because her brothers decided to choose different careers. Bertie, like a lot of single women, is independent and strong, but she would like a stable relationship and possibly even marriage. Her best friend, Mary Lou, is beside her all the way. However, this is where the normal plot ends and absurdity reigns supreme.
Through the course of Bertie’s journey, we encounter a neighbor who likes to perch in a tree and watch the neighborhood activities, a man who stalks Bertie, a stripper, and a perverted elderly lady. It’s a wonder Bertie manages to stay sane throughout the novel, and doesn’t run a million miles away from her home town. Especially since she is also forced to taxi the townspeople around and pick up their groceries while driving her tow truck.

Big Hair and Flying Cows is a wonderfully silly read that keeps the laughs coming. You won’t ponder deep thoughts while reading this book, but it provides a fluffy read and evokes many smiles and head shakes. Will Bertie’s life ever resemble sanity? I certainly hope not. Will her crazy luck deter her from ever finding a solid relationship? Read Big Hair and Flying Cows to find out. If you like it as much as I did, you should pick up the rest of the books in the series.

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