Storm Surge by Tamara Ward

Jonie Waters thought she had escaped her past but when she finally decided to come back home and work as an investigative journalist, she is surprised to see the sight of a dead friend. Jonie is horrified that there are secrets in her home town that no one knows about. In her efforts to do her job and help a friend, she becomes the number one suspect.

Intertwined within this whodunit, is the story of a family torn apart. Jonie has no hope that her family will ever come together and she is left desperately alone. Even when she comes back to town, North Carolina is still flowing in her veins and calling her back home, she tells no one of her arrival. Instead she stumbles into a mystery that will test her strength and her family.

Tamara Ward has written a thrilling and enjoyable novel. Her description of North Carolina brings a familiar setting to the novel while her tale of suspense is filled with questions that leave the reader in a perpetual state of suspense. You never know who the bad guy is. Is it Jonie with her secret past and a youthful indiscretion that tore her family apart? Is it the too handsome detective that is always there when she turns around? Add a list of characters, all with secrets to hide, and you’ll never know who the real bad guy is until the last few pages.

Storm Surge is definitely worth the read. It is a wonderful story from a local author that I would suggest to anyone who likes a good suspense novel.

Tamara Ward along with several other local authors will be at Eva Perry Regional Library and West Regional Library this month, visit our website for more details. 

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One Response to “Storm Surge by Tamara Ward”

  1. afrank63 Says:

    Sounds great, I’ve been looking for my next suspense read! I just finished a great one you should check out called “Publics: Libertas Aut Mors” by Baltazar Bolado. My friend recommended it to me and I could hardly put it down. Thanks for the post and suggestion, I’ll definitely be looking in to “Storm Surge”!

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