Dance Upon the Air by Nora Roberts

Up until recently, I had only read one Nora Roberts book and it had been such a long time ago I couldn’t remember if I had even enjoyed it. The book had been in a series and I had started with the last book–poor planning on my part. So, this time, I decided to start from the beginning!

The Three Sisters Island trilogy features a bit of magic, romance, and an island community that felt so real I wanted to book my next vacation there. Dance Upon the Air is the first book in this series and we are introduced to the island when Nell Channing escapes from her abusive husband. The island is off the coast of New England, and has the charming, small-town feel to it, where everyone on the island knows one another. Nell is drawn by some unknowable force to Three Sisters; a centuries old curse and she is a part of the puzzle to break it.

Despite the magical elements it is a fairly light read. There is the trademark romance story between Nell and Zack but even more significant is the fiercely strong bond that Nell builds with two women on the island–Ripley and Mia. The banter between Ripley and Mia is funny, and the friendships and life that Nell establishes on the island are solid enough that you feel as though you can step into the book and live on the island.

As a first series by Nora Roberts, I really enjoyed myself! Romance aside, it was cute, real, and just darn funny.

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