The Thief by Megan Whalen Turner

Ever read one of those books that you absolutely love, but defies a simple description? Megan Whalen Turner’sThe Thief is just such a book. It has a little of everything in it, political intrigue, and a heist of a one of a kind object, all taking place in a picturesque setting reminiscent of Ancient Greece.

The Thief in question is Gen, whom we meet rotting in the King’s Prison. Why? His infamous words of “I can steal anything!” Bad luck for him. He stole the King’s Signet Ring and got caught. Gen dreams of escape from the filth and desolation, but it is not until a meeting with the Magus, the King’s chief advisor, that escape becomes a possibility. The Magus has need of Gen’s skill as thief to steal a mysterious object.

The Magus (always addressed by his title never his name), does not trust Gen, but views him as a useful tool no different than a hammer. Also joining the expedition are the Magus’ apprentices, Sophos and Ambiades, two boys who would rather be anywhere other than traveling with a thief. Rounding out the party is Pol, a captain in Sophos’ fathers’ guard.

As the journey progresses Gen’s usefulness becomes more apparent to the members of the traveling party. However, the Magus’ opinion of Gen is unwavering. What must Gen do to change the mind of the Magus?
While this book is housed in our Young Adult section, I think all ages will enjoy it. And if you do like The Thief, there are three more books in the series.

Find and reserve this book in our catalog.


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