sMothering by Wendy French

What do you call it when you are suffocating because of criticism and meddling at the hands of your mother? It is called sMothering and it is a funny novel by Wendy French.

Our heroine, Claire, lives a peaceful and monotonously boring life. She wakes up, goes to work at her job as a telephone surveyor, goes home to an empty apartment, falls asleep and wakes up to repeat each day in similar fashion. One day her routine comes to a grinding halt when her mother shows up unannounced.

Claire’s mother lives in the middle of the United States and Claire is on the West Coast, so this can’t possibly be a short visit. Claire’s sister, Stephanie, lives nearby but has a strained relationship with their mother because Stephanie is gay. Claire is now left with the task of bridging the gap between Stephanie and their mom, juggling a new position at work, trying to get a cute guy to notice her, and finding out why her mom and dad are not talking. Not to mention, her ex-boyfriend has suddenly reentered her life in the midst of all this craziness.

What’s a girl to do to keep from going insane at her mother’s hands? How does she stop her mom from leaving embarrassing phone messages about feminine hygiene at Claire’s office? Will Claire’s mom ever leave or will Claire be sMothered to death? Most importantly, could the reason Claire and her mother do not get along be because they are more alike than they realize? Come check out sMothering and have a good laugh finding out.

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