The Killer’s Wife by Bill Floyd

I love books that give the reader an unusual point of view. When you hear about some heinous crime on the news, the focus is on the victims or the murderer—but don’t you always wonder what the axe murderer’s mother is thinking? Or his wife? That is what author Bill Floyd explores in his novel The Killer’s Wife.

Nina Mosley slept beside her husband Randy for years, never knowing of what he was capable. When Randy is convicted of a series of killings, Nina is both shocked by the depths of his depravity and ashamed of her ignorance that allowed the gruesome crimes to continue. Why didn’t she question Randy’s implausible explanations for the random scars appearing on his body? How could she ignore the strange coincidences surrounding the murders announced on the news?

In an attempt to escape public scorn and prying press, Nina changes her name and moves across the country to Cary, North Carolina, with her son Hayden. This is where Floyd starts his novel—six years after the court sends Randy to death row, and Nina, now Leigh Wren, is confronted in the supermarket by the father of one of Randy’s victims. “I know what the police said, how it was all your husband,” Charles Pritchett sneers, “But you were never cleared to my satisfaction, not by a long shot.” Nina panics that her identity will be exposed, just as her life has settled, and she is beginning to feel secure. Then Pritchett hits her where she is most vulnerable: “Where is Hayden tonight, Nina? You should keep a closer eye on him. I didn’t keep a close enough watch over Carrie, and you know what happened to her.”

Nina decides to lay low for a while in hopes that things will settle down. As mutilated murder victims start turning up in the news, however, Nina flashes back to Randy’s creepy fetish. Has Pritchett’s obsessive need for revenge brought him to Randy’s depths? Where is Hayden tonight?

Floyd spends some time getting into Nina’s mind at the beginning of the book, so the reader really understands the character. When the action starts, be prepared to set aside some time, because you will not want to put this book down.

Bill Floyd along with several other local authors will be at West Regional Library on September, 24th, please visit our website for more details.

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One Response to “The Killer’s Wife by Bill Floyd”

  1. Melanie B. Says:

    Adding this to my to-read list. Thanks!

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