Breaking Cover by J.D. Rhoades

When the best FBI undercover operative, Tony Wolf, goes missing and is presumed dead, the FBI wonders if the ruthless biker gang he was assigned to infiltrate, The Brotherhood, killed him for being a cop. Their other thought is maybe Wolf decided the money was too good and went rogue. Hawk is gone for years and they begin to think they may never know the answer.

Then two young boys are kidnapped from their North Raleigh home and the entire state of North Carolina is put on alert. Newcomer Tim Sanders is trying to keep a low profile in Pine Lake, NC. He only pays in cash, does not have a cell phone and lives miles away from his closest neighbors. One day he comes across a decrepit trailer in the woods. Stashed inside are the two kidnapped boys. Sanders know he must act to save those boys, but needs to figure out how to do so without being observed. Tim Sanders has a secret: he is really Tony Wolf and is worried about the blowback if he is discovered.

When word of the dramatic rescue of the two young boys gets out, and who did the rescuing, Pine Lake becomes a powder keg as the Brotherhood rolls into town. The conclusion of this book will have you glued until the last page. Readers of high action and suspense will enjoy this thriller.

J.D. Rhoades along with several other local authors will be at Cameron Village Regional Library on September 25th, please visit our website for more details.

Find and reserve this book in our catalog.

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