Three Graves Full by Jamie Mason

“The meek Jason Getty buries a body in the backyard. It haunts him daily. His anxiety expands exponentially when the landscapers uncover a body and then the police uncover yet another body. Here is the catch- neither of these are the body he buried. The police scrutiny is intense even though he is not at all a suspect. He has only lived in his home a few years, too recent based on the decomposition of the bodies. Being the scene of the crime requires the police to scour every inch of his home. Jason is beside himself wondering when they will uncover his buried secret.

Mason creates an intense sensory experience for the reader as she describes the cloying squish of decay, adrenaline filled chases in the darkest of nights and the hopelessly empty need for acceptance. At times I felt like I could taste the dirt, hear the blood pulsing in my ears and feel the desperation.

Told from the vantage point of several of the characters in almost a stream of consciousness style, the reader gets to see what motivates each character as they are connected to one another by the evil web of coincidence. Leah’s need to know what happened to her missing fiancé, Reid, morphs into something else. Jason’s desperate need for acceptance takes a bad turn. Boyd’s need for control violently bubbles through his tightly moral appearance. Fraught with delicately synchronized suspense, these worlds collide and their lives are changed forever.

 Jamie Mason artfully weaves a tale that would put Alfred Hitchcock on the edge of their seat. I can’t wait to read more from this debut author.”

Jamie Mason along with several other local authors will be at West Regional Library on September 24th, visit our website for more details.

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