The Bootlegger’s Daughter by Margaret Maron

“Deborah Knott, attorney and daughter of a local legend, is a cog in the justice system that’s made up of “The good ol’ boys.” Frustrated at the injustices that she sees, she decides to do something about it and runs for District Court Judge. Hopefully the fact that she’s a hometown girl and an original “North Carolinian” will help the voters overlook the fact that her daddy was once one of the biggest bootleggers in the state, and sad to say, the fact that yes, she is a woman trying to break into a boys club.

Margaret Maron has crafted a tale of life in the South with its “white lightning” and pig pickings and sweet tea. She has created a cast of characters that are so believable and likable and with every word, you feel like you really know these people and this town. If you’re a local, you see these very same people in your neighborhoods, or when she writes about the local places to hang out, it’s like a secret that you share with the author. You can’t help but think “I know that place” and feel a little closer to the book.

Bootlegger’s Daughter isn’t just a beautifully written story of the South and her rich traditions, it’s also a mystery. Deborah has been asked to investigate an 18 year old murder by the daughter of the victim. Being one of their own, people are more willing to open up, but soon Deborah finds that the town she knew so well and the people that she grew up with may have some very deep secrets of their own.

Unintentionally a detective, Deborah will do all she can to solve this mystery, even though it seems that her line of inquiry has caused the murderer to reemerge. Deborah will have to face danger and the murder of a close friend) in the hopes of finding out who the killer is, but the South is great at keeping her secrets.

This is an entertaining read, well written, and it’ll keep the reader guessing. It’s not your typical whodunit, with its rich story and flavor North Carolina, it’s even better.”

Margaret Maron along with several other local authors will be at Cameron Village Regional Library and South East Regional Library this week, visit our website for more details.

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