Glimmerglass by Jenna Black

Dana is half-Fae, but her life is all too human. She longs for a “normal” life, but her alcoholic mother makes that impossible. They move frequently, and in every new location Dana ends up playing the role of parent, trying to construct order out of the chaos her mother creates. When her mother shows up drunk at a recital, it’s the last straw. Her mother has told many conflicting stories about Dana’s Fae father, but Dana thinks life with him couldn’t possibly be worse than her current situation. When she makes first contact, she’s a little surprised when he arranges transport for her without asking about her mother, but she’s too relieved at the chance to escape her chaotic life to question it. She’s also quite excited because her father lives in Avalon, the only place in the world where technology and magic coexist. On arrival, Dana is thrown, not into the welcoming arms of her father, but into a detention room. Her father has been mysteriously detained, and her welcoming party is far from friendly. Turns out, she is a Fairiewalker, a rare and precious commodity in Avalon. Everyone wants to control her. Fairie politics are deadly, and she’s caught in the middle of a major power struggle. Handicapped by her ignorance of Fairie ways, she is uncertain who, if anyone, to trust.

Jenna Black has created a fascinating world where magic spells and technology are used side-by-side. Dana is a believable, funny heroine who takes on attacks from Spriggans and gun-toting thugs with grace and courage. This is the first of a trilogy, and I can’t wait to find out what happens next!

Jenna Black will appear with other Speculative Fiction authors at Cameron Village Regional Library on October 10 and at Eva Perry Regional Library on October 13; visit our website for more details and to see which other authors will appear.

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