The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook, by Dinah Bucholz

This delightful book will take you deep into the world of Harry Potter through the art of cookery, which is at least one way we Muggles can do magic. The book is “unofficial” because it is not endorsed by J. K. Rowling or Warner Brothers, but the recipes are wonderful. Molly’s onion soup recipe has become a family favorite of ours, and the recipe for iced pumpkin juice turned out to be delicious. You can enjoy Harry’s favorite dessert of treacle tart, make your own knickerbocker glory, and guzzle your own homemade butter beer.

As Bucholz points out, food plays a large part in the Harry Potter books, from the delicious dinner Aunt Petunia prepares for the Masons (and which is ruined by Dobby,) to the sumptuous meals that appear (courtesy of the house elves) in the Great Hall, to the mouth-watering concoctions of the amazing Mrs. Weasley. Each recipe begins with a quote or explanation reminding us how this food appears in the books. There are recipes for treats like the ones from Honeyduke’s, meatballs like Molly served at the Order meetings, and even mashed turnips like the ones that ended up on Percy’s face at Christmas dinner.

Bucholz provides helpful sidebars to explain to us American Muggles some of the unfamiliar terms used in British cooking. All of the 150 recipes have been tested and retested by Bucholz and other chefs. If you are in the mood for a magical treat, this is the book for you.

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